where can I order big quantities of spåner and hø ?

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Indlæg af Næsedyret » man 10. dec 2007 11:57

I just read that you don’t have a car -but Brogaarden is very close to you -so if you are interested -I can come by - and pick you up before going to Brogaarden some time this week -it wouldn’t be any trouble for me -and I have a small van so you can bye all the stuff you need. Send me a “personlig besked” with your phone number and address if you want to go.


Indlæg af Maroussia » tirs 19. feb 2008 22:03

Oops, sorry Næsedyret, I just red this message ! :shock: Thanks for your help ! But I think I found a solution, I ordered in a german site.

It's just for the food... DO you konw where I can find a site where I can order some Cavia Korn in 25 kg packs ?? Now I use some Vita*akraft pellets...
I try desperetely to find some site who could deliver some Cavia Duo (versele laga), but it's impossible...

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Indlæg af Lina » tirs 19. feb 2008 22:18

If you look through this thread again, I have posted contact-info for Stubs - and they sell cavia korn.
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