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Search Pedigree ( = Stammtavle, Stamtavle, Rodkomen) for :

Indlæg af Maxime » fre 18. apr 2008 17:45


I am searching the pedigree for :

Maybe Born at 1 may 2005 (Pavon Marsvin), this is Maybe : ... ans_affixe

Shadow von Werne (father for Sofiendals Manjula )

Dream (mother for Sofiendals Manjula )

Balu (grand father for Sofiendals Purple Fox )

Blue Velvet ( grand mother for Sofiendals Purple Fox )

Frank (father for Lady in Black (Sofiendals and Josefines))

Lu Zi von Indian Summer (mother for Lady in Black (Sofiendals and Josefines))

Barrskogens Ben

Barrskogens Alexis The Phantom

Glory & Co's Dartainian

Red Rock Inverness

Black Angel of El Dorado

Tutenchamon (P. Walder)

Shaham (P. Walder)

Dicker vom Borcherts Kuschelbande

Maila vom Borcherts Kuschelbande

Gießbert 2 (grand father for Belladonna vom Borcherts Kuschelbande )

Elfentanz Jawrowski Farm (grand mother for Belladonna vom Borcherts Kuschelbande )

Vibys Fennica

Red Rock Tewa

Red Rock Helianthus

Glory & Co Huyana

Rasmus von den Loensbirke

Kira Ray of Sunshine

Ant I Pant ( father for Malaxis Nastarone )

Malaxis Yrma ( mother for Malaxis Nastarone )

Vibys Paula

Edelweiss Quitara (mother for Happy day's Belladonna)

Country Born Born Douglas (father for Occis Joseph)

Enebackens Valentine

Vibys Rosabell

Vibys Lucifer

Mallas Haremhab

Malaxis Umiaq

Wipsy Danica von Bramm

Malaxis Razzbaretto

Loforsens Atreso

Malaxis Merleene Ottey, Peruaner

Plato (father for Vibys Apollo and Marsha's Platina )

Vibys Wiona, (mother for Vibys Apollo)

Occi's Jack

Kroknäbben's Tonni

High Hats Dunder, Coronet 1997-

Kroknäbben's Linda, Sheltie 1997-

Vibys Sally, Coronet

Vibys Marvin, Sheltie

Hills Oreo (grand father for Red Rock Skidegate)

Hills Daisy (grand mother for Red Rock Skidegate)

Blue Moon Mungojerrie

Scowlistones (Scowlistions) Little Ceasar

Malaxis Zachary

Malaxis Ukraina

Capricorns Kompis

Vibys Kitty, Sheltie

Mayfairs Lambert, Texel

Vibys Mihn-San, Texel

Vibys Amanda

Vibys Goliat, Coronet

Vibys Mandy, Sheltie

Peaput (father for Longfords Amber)

Ivy (mother for Longfords Amber)

T & T Waken (father for Glory & Co Iroquois)

T & T Ne(c)cedah (mother for Glory & Co Iroquois)

Vibys Mollika

Vibys Ottilia

Vibys Mozart

White Purdy (father for Vibys Paddy)

Vibys Pamona